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Lord Jagannath’s blessings are with all of us, the only thing that we need at the moment is your support. Irrespective of the size and scale of your support, we call can see our dreams of a grand Jagannath Temple taking shape- a humble request to kindly open your arms, be kind, have Lord Jagannath in your mind and heart and come forward for this noble cause. Together we can and we should. 

We urge you to kindly come forward and contribute in cash and kind and seek blessings of the Almighty.  

You Can Become A Member

Anybody can become a member and surrender himself/ herself at the feet of Lord Jagannath and offer his services. There is no compulsion and becoming a member is purely his/her individual choice and depending on his/her Capability, Devotion, Bhakti & Sewa Bhava, he/she can become a member and seek Lord Jagannath’s Blessings. 

There are multiple membership options available and one can choose from the following: – 

Dainik Sewa Membership (DSM)

An innovative idea of Dainik Sewa Membership (DSM) was started by the Temple Committee to meet the running cost of the temple. These DSM members are devotees contributing for the temple without any voting right in the society. All Dainik Sewa members contribute Rupees 10/- per day (Rupees 300/- per month) to meet the running cost of temple and daily puja of Lord Jagannath. The priest in the name of all the Dainik Sewa Members is performing puja on a particular pre-decided date in every month. The priest also calls the devotee one day before the puja day to remind him/her regarding puja on the next day. If the devotee reaches the temple then the puja is being performed by the devotee else the priest performs puja in the name of the DSM member.  

Nirman Member (Construction Member) 

With the Blessings of Lord Jagannath, the first step in this regard, the structural construction of the basement hall and ground hall have already completed. Now the construction work is going in full swing for main temple in the supervision of Team of Architects and Engineers, as per the approved design and drawings. So, any devotees, who are interested to donate for the construction of the main temple, can enroll themselves as a “Nirman Member (Construction Member) by paying a certain amount as per their own capacity every month till the completion of the construction of Shree Jagannath Temple.  

Life Member 

Any member who is interested to be a lifelong member of the temple and its committees can enroll himself as a Life Member after paying the prescribed subscription as laid down by the committee. 

Benefit of a Life Member of the Committee. 

  1. A person after getting a life membership of the society has automatically got the right of voting in the selection of Management Committee.
  2. A Life Member can contest for any post of the committee with at least the support/proposal from one of the members. 
  3. A Life Member has the right to lodging complaints against any ill-treatment made to him/her or he/she noticed for any fellow visitor by any of the Committee members, priest, or any office-bearer. 
  4. In case of any official function made by the Committee, the member has the right to get informed for participation on the same.  Every year, the temple priest will perform a special puja in the name of the Life Member and his/her family on the date specified by the life member i.e. birthday of any family member/marriage anniversary, etc.  The priest also calls the devotee one day before the puja day to remind him/her regarding puja on the next day. If the devotee reaches the temple then the puja is being performed by the devotee else the priest performs puja in the name of the life member.  

Duties & Responsibilities of Member 

  1. A Member has to follow all rules & regulations of the Committee framed by the committee or passed in annual body meeting. 
  2. A Member has to pay the subscription/fees from time to time as fixed by the Committee. 
  3. A Member has to behave properly & respect other members, colleagues & office bearer of the Committee. 
  4. A Member has to feel belonging to the Samiti & always welcome to provide his/her valuable suggestions for better improvement of the temple & the committee. 
  5. A Member should always ready to accept any responsibility or service of the Lord as per the allotted terms. 
  6. A Member should attend the annual general meeting called for & cast his/her vote for the selection of Management Committee.  
  7. At no point in time, the Member will overrule the decision of the Committee. 
  8. The Member should not engage himself/herself separately with any type of fund collection, charity or similar & parallel activities for the purpose of construction of temple without the information or availing the permission from the Committee.


Member: Means a person who has enrolled himself as a member of the Committee & has paid the prescribed subscription as laid down by the committee. 

Eligibility: Any Individual can be a member of society if he believes in Lord Jagannath & Jagannath Culture. 

Membership Procedure: To become a member of the Committee, the person can approach any office-bearer of the Committee, understand the rules & regulation of the Committee & and has to fill up the Member Ship Form & submit the same along with the prevailing subscription/fees as decided by the committee. 

You Can Contribute

They say, Jatha Shakti, Tatha Bhakti, so there is no minimum contribution amount, you can contribute whatever you are comfortable with. Your contributions will be used in the construction the following: – 

  • Overall Mandir Complex 
  • Garba Gruha 
  • Ratna Sighaasana 
  • Garuda Stambha 
  • Gopuram  
  • Baaisi Pahacha 
  • Mandir Hall  

 Your contributions will also be used in the following important areas