• Patitapabana Bana (The Flagon the top of the Gopuram always waves in the opposite direction of the wind. 
  • The Patitapabana Bana is changed every day. A priest climbs to the top of the Gopuram which is as tall as a 45-storey building and changes the flag every single morning. 
  • Neela Chakra (Blue Wheel) which is placed on the top of the Gopuram, is made of Ashtadhatu (Eight Metals) and interestingly, no matter where you stand, the Neela Chakra will always face you.  
  • No Planes, no birds fly above the temple. 
  • The holy kitchen is another interesting and mystery. The Mahaprasada is cooked by placing seven earthen pots one on top of another and the food in the topmost pot gets cooked first followed by the other pots in the descending order. 
  • Mahaprasada never falls short and also never goes waste. Irrespective of the no of devotees visiting the temple every day.  
  • The temple, even though is as tall as a 45-storey building, never casts its shadow. No matter what time of the day it is, but it never casts its shadow on the ground. 
  • Singhdwara (The Main Entrance) has a magic associated with it. When you enter the Singhadwara, you can hear the sound of the waves of the nearby Bay of Bengal but the moment you enter inside, you will no longer get to hear the sound of the wave. 
  • Science says that during the day time the breeze from the sea comes into the land and the opposite occurs in the evening but in Jagannath Puri, it is the reverse.

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